Cycle to Work

Cycle to Work – Be an improved you

“Health is Wealth”, I know it is one of the most clichéd terms of all times and equally omnipresent, but what is also clichéd is our desire to look after our health but our inability to do so. We want to be healthy, we want to be more active, we would like to stand out, but, alas! Time is something we don’t have and despite planning a whole lot of health strategies, execution still remains a far cry.

So, what do we do? How do we ultimately achieve our goal of a good health? Can a very small change to our routine solve our purpose? Well, indeed a very small change in our routine can work wonders; for our health, to reduce environmental pollution, to save money & save resources and to sometimes save on time. And that small change is ‘Cycle to Work’.

AnyLinuxWork always encourages its employees to come to office on cycles.We have gone one step further to ensure that our employees, with a good working atmosphere, enjoy a solid health. We financed some part of employees’ cycle purchase so as maintaining health doesn’t fall heavy on them. We can proudly say, we don’t go to Gym, we don’t need to.

Our ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme

Being Information Technology company, we have employees who have lived and worked in different parts of the world and they highly influence a multinational environment in the company. Having seen the world, they are usually seen inspiring others to join and follow the ‘Cycle to Work’ initiative for amazing health benefits. And from there comes our initiative to come office on bicycles for a healthy today. AnyLinuxWork, not only inspires and motivates employees to come on bicycles but also finances top end bicycles. With half of the amount paid up top, with few assignments, we reimburse the whole amount. But let’s not get sidetracked. Our aim here is to bring a healthy lifestyle in our employees’ life and we aim to motivate, a bigger number of people in the coming time.

We have got an overwhelming response from our employees with this initiative, you can usually see our employees riding around with their bicycles to manage their petty tasks. We also plan cycling trips on some of the weekends, to nearby places, that not only improves health but also brings us closer to nature and contributes to our social bonding. So much for riding a cycle, isn’t it?

How does ‘Cycle to Work’ benefits

Diet plays an important role on our health. But let’s face it, it is difficult to manage our eating habits or to introduce healthy food into our diet.Time due to our other engagement just fly away and it is a ground zero every time. So, instead, making this one small change can solve our different problems. With ‘Cycle to Work’ we can be a tad lenient with our eating habits. (don’t read this as an open invitation to go bonkers on food: P). We can certainly contribute our part to reduce environmental pollution. We definitely save a lot of money, that we spend in fuel and in maintaining our vehicles. Cycle maintenance is way cheaper. We save resources for our future generation. And we avoid traffic and if we are taking a public transport, the riff-raff of crowded and overstuffed buses.

Our aim and our vision
Drum rolls, around 20% of our employees are now coming to office on bicycles, but this is just a start. We aim to have more than 80% employees riding to office throughout the year on bicycles. It gives stupendous health benefits and employees also experience the exuberance of environment and nature. That sadly we cannot offer at our premises with covered roof, air-conditioned atmosphere and temperature-controlled surroundings.
Indore has an amazing mix of small, mid-sized, big and start-up IT firms, and other industries. With this space, we urge them to help us strengthen our initiative by inspiring their employees to ‘Cycle to Work’. This can bring us one step closer to a better environment, better health and an improved WE.