Life at is about learning and unlearning. We strive to make working an enjoyable and enriching experience. ALW team is a happy team that enjoys every bit of work in particular and life in general.


For us PHP-MySQL is the sole technology that we wish our team specializes in. In addition, we want our team members to master the eCommerce domain with Content Management Systems. In order to achieve this, we organize regular trainings on PHP-MySQL with latest updates on packages, frameworks, databases, and encourage the team to upgrade their knowledge through certifications. We have an exclusive six-month full-time on-job LAMP training module which is open only for our junior software developers. This is by far the best practical training available in PHP-MySQL. Click here for a brochure and details.


ALW Team emphasizes on English communication. Team members attend English Workshops twice every week to learn the nuances of the language. All our team members are conversant in English and are able to handle the day-to-day correspondence with much élan. We encourage the practice of reading through a library that houses books of all genres. In addition, we organize quizzes and tests to evaluate and update our knowledge of Modern English.


Hi5 is ALW’s unique work culture. It worships Karma and celebrates life. ALW Team kick-starts its day with the reading of Joke of the Day. Roars of laughter make up our mornings that charge everyone for the day’s work. In the mornings, nobody is madly rushing and missing his/her breakfast. Our flexible work timing allows everyone to reach office between 9 and 10 am. Colors are a major part of our Hi5 culture. We have Best Colors of the Week contest in which the best-dressed person gets awarded. The idea is to give the team a few Hi5 moments that they can seal in their memories. Our objective for the initiative is to create a stress-free work environment for our team members and keep them happy.


Team ALW is fitness-conscious apart from being a stress-free team that does not suffer from the archetypal problems of sedentary lifestyle. A typical working day at anylinuxwork IT Solutions begins with a Green Tea and biscuits at 9.00 am. We take care of the tiniest of details to ensure that our employees stay in good health. For instance, the quality of food at the canteen goes through a strict check. Our office furniture follows the norms of Ergonomics so that our employees do not develop problems of back-ache or neck sprains – issues that are so distinctive of software professionals. The Nirvana – a recreation facility at ALW – provides mind games, dart board, music system and reading facility for the employees to rejuvenate themselves between work. To top it all, we have initiatives like Office Yoga and trekking expeditions on weekends to ensure that we stay fit and stay healthy.


People are and will always be our biggest assets. Our HR Cell has a knack for hunting for the right pool of talent and then maintaining their growth within the company. You will find great listeners in our HR Cell that strives to cater to all grievances impartially. The Suggestion Box at the HR cubicle always seeks out valuable comments, remarks and suggestions of the employees. Legitimate number of causal and earned leaves is provided to employees annually.


Apart from training batches for freshers, many on-going training programmes for the enhancement of team’s skills are organised from time to time. While an in-house faculty team trains employees in technical and managerial aspects, guest faculty and trainers are invited for soft skills like personality development, communication, individual growth, time management etc. Our recorded training sessions are one of the biggest sources of reference and in-house training today. For more details on PHP and other training modules, check out our Training.


Barbecues, disco nights and birthday bashes give us a chance to know each other better. Our tradition of celebrating together weaves us into a nest of a united family that loves life. On every Indian festival right from Diwali or Holi to New Year’s and Republic Day – we ensure that we do it all together.


Books are still the best of friends for all of us here. A rich library caters to our hunger for reading and provides a platform for personal growth.


Our evaluation system is rigorous and logical. There are daily, monthly and yearly evaluations that ensure a fair assessment and boost performance appraisal process. The Best Performer gets Employee of the Year Award. Also, exceptional performers and consistent employees are awarded with bonuses regularly. A feedback form on the site is also provided for employees.