Office chair can be a workout bench!

OFFICE Yoga has been a part of AnuLinuxWork daily routine since long. We have been experimenting, guiding and helping our employees do the stretching once in a while. Some people have been following the exercises, some are not. Those who are not, probably don’t see a good and specific point in doing that.

So we have come up with a specific focus to our Office Stretching exercises. We came up with exercises that are specific to a certain area of your body, courtesy the website – that is an initiative of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. (Armstrong won the Tour De France for a record seven consecutive times after having survived Cancer.)

The biggest problem with us working professionals is that we spend a major portion of our days just sitting. And if there’s one area that gets severely affected by this is our abdomen. Our abdominal fat, due to lack of any calorie burning, keeps getting fatter.

There’s one integral part of your cubicle that can change the above. Your chair. You use it for at least 6 hours a day. But if you involve it for a little bit of stretching , it can work wonders for your abdomen.

Chair-cum-workout bench: You do remember or must have seen workout benches at the gymnasium. Why not convert your office chair into one? Start doing this by simply siting on the edge of the chair with your legs out straight. Now your hands should be grasping the edges of the chair from behind. Now lean slightly backward. Now gradually, start pulling your knees into your chest. Hold for a few seconds and then reverse the process. You can do this at least 20 times a day practically in an office atmosphere.

Upper abs crunches: These can also be done pretty easily using your office chair. Here’ how. You have to first sit erect in your chair. Bend your knees and feet flat on the floor. Now place your hands on your hips. At this point, contract your abdomen very hard and hold for say, 30 seconds. Release yourself slowly and repeat it for at least four to six times. This will help tone your upper abs.

Use the elbows: This is going to look like you are naturally sitting and pondering over something. Good for you, as this will make it more comfortable for you to do them. Rest both your elbows pinned together on your knees. But stay erect as you do this. Do it while seating on the edge of the chair with your feet on the floor. You have to first raise your left arm above your head. Now slowly lift your right knee in the air and bring your left elbow down and bring it towards the knee. Shuffle hands and repeat it.

These are just three of the several exercises that we can do just by using the office chair. Think of the exercises that you know you would do with your workout bench. Likely that many of them can be done with your office chair.