Product Attribute Sort for Magento 2.0

Showcase products’ attribute at a Glance with Product attribute Sort Extension

In order to ensure consumers are experiencing pleasant shopping experience on your eCommerce store, it’s essential to have an appealing yet easy to access the store to turn their shopping experience much faster and flexible. As online shoppers have grown to a larger extent, highlighting products’ attributes is the prior aspect of making users stop by.

For the Magento store owners, here is the Product Attribute Sort Magento extension allowing the administrator to sort product’s most major attributes and arrange them in a specific order. With such advanced sorting functionality, users can easily view major attribute/specification of product in product information section next to the product display.

For instance, if product’s size, weight, color or brand name is not in the order as it should be to showcase at a glance; the administrator can arrange the essential pros of product accordingly. Thus, enhance the shopping experience and increase conversion rate too.

With the compatibility to Magento2 version, product attribute sort is the must have the extension to increase the products’ usability. Plus, allow users to choose and order the desired product faster.

Extension Features

  • Administrator can create and manage (edit/delete) the product attribute
  • Administrator can arrange attribute using sorting order ID

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