Technical Conversation: The Basics

Over Skype or a video conferencing, technical conversation can be tricky. While you can still see the expression of clients and they can see yours, there can be room for ambiguity and lack of courtesy.

Here are a few practical tips to go about a technical conversation:

Give a polite start: After exchanging greetings and having a casual chat, you may want to proceed with the point of conversation. Keep close the opportunities to begin and proceed politely. Use phrases such as: So shall we get on business now? So here’s why I requested for this call.

The pardons: Make sure you understand what your client is trying to say or explain. When in doubt, use polite ways of requesting repetition. ‘I beg your pardon’ is the universal and politest way to ask someone to repeat what he/she said.

Accept lack of information: Instead of giving false information or inaccurate figures, accept that you don’t know. You may also request the client to talk to your seniors about the fact demanded.

Do your homework: It is very important to do your homework before a technical conversation with clients. Know parallel technology/platform, read about latest trends or developments, consult your seniors. In every way, prepare yourself for a client call.

Strike a balance: A client call can be tricky but you cannot lose confidence and agree on every point. You must be courteous in greetings, addressing, informing and accepting. But you must be assertive to your point.

Assure action: Before ending the conversation, make sure you promise an action like calling, emailing or contacting again. This reflects your seriousness and focus and it is reassuring for the client.

Close politely: Never close a client call abruptly. Make sure you exchange polite closing greetings before disconnecting the call. A few ideas may be handy:

Ideas for closing the conversation

It’s been nice talking to you.I’ll give you a call.I look forward to seeing you again.
It’s been great talking with you.I’ll send you an e-mail.We’ll see you on Friday.

We’ll talk to you on Friday.

I really enjoyed meeting you.We’ll send out that information right away.Let’s keep in touch by e-mail.
Thanks for the information/ the tour/ your time.How do I get in touch with you?See you soon. We will be in touch.
Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.Could I contact you by e-mail/at your office?Please do call me if you have any questions.

The above basics may help you in handling a client call. Remember that these little gestures will go a long way in establishing a healthy professional relationships with your clients.