AngularJS Development Services

AngularJS is a Javascript based framework developed & maintained by Google. It is highly dynamic and offers a plethora of features for creating browser based and other custom web applications. The framework is based on MVC structure and is aimed at creating light-weight and robust applications. It also makes frontend development and testing much easier & faster. With only HTML, CSS and Javascript on the client side, the framework is a boon for creating single-page or one-page applications

Advantages of AngularJS

  • Responsive web designs are made better due to its rich features and scalability
  • MVC structure accelerates the development process apps and websites HTML components can be reused
  • Makes testing easier with e2e testing environment
  • Directives could be used to build custom widgets
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Superb web templating by extending HTML libraries
  • Two way data binding enables the synchronization between Model and DOM

What we can do in AngularJS development?

We have a proficient team for AngularJS development. Our team is well versed with the technologies used with AngularJS such as oAuth and SocketIO. We have worked with almost all major UI frameworks such as Bootstrap, Ionic and Semantic UI. Our services include:

  • Mobile applications
  • Interactive BI dashboards
  • eLearning platforms
  • Social networking platforms
  • Custom widgets
  • Tools for data analysis
  • Custom web applications
  • eStore and marketplace solutions